Let's build together a better and safer society thru Apps.

Available on App Store and Play Store


Primer Analytics & Systems, Inc. provides full circle support to your advocacy and bring your goals to grander heights.

  • Dispatch Center
    We provide the infrasture you need to run the the apps. Fully implemented and deployed in less than two months.
  • System Services
    We provide 360-degree support and maintenance for your panel and mobile apps.
  • Mobile and Wearable Apps
    Our apps can be customized according to your needs. Will run across Android and iOS systems. Ready for use in a month.
  • Software Updates & Enhancements
    We bring you the latest offering from 2017 onwards. Enhancements will be a constant job within contract period.


We are designing and creating an app to save other's life not just yours.

  • Emergency App

    Helping your constituents in times of needs without memorizing any hotline number for all types of emergencies, all for a touch of your finger tips.

  • Responder App

    Equipping emergency responders to efficiently attend to your needs, be it police, fire or medical in nature.

  • Interested?

    You have all the means to contact us thru this website, be it chat, call or email.



We provide end-to-end business solution from back-end to mobile applications.

Native Application

Our apps are available in Android, iOS for iPhone and iWatch; Developing more for wearable apps.

Marketing Capability

We have our way of returning back your investment and even share some for your constituents to enjoy.

Security Efforts

We have pushed further to secure your data and its components.

Back-End Panel

We have created the backbone of our systems thru the use of the web.

Contact Us

Convinced that we hid the biggest part of the pizza? Contact us now for full app demonstration.